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  • 100€ / room / hour
60 min.
Rue Du Gibet 16 - 6940 Durbuy

This is the most fun and challenging group activity for families, friends and companies.

Try to escape from one of our 7 Espace Rooms. You will have a maximum of 60 minutes to solve various riddles, and preferably as quickly as possible. Working together is very important. Join forces and escape thanks to your creativity, teamwork and logical thinking.
Each room is a discovery with a new story. The language in the rooms is universal.

*Please arrive at the activity 15 minutes in advance.

Choose from our 7 themed rooms:


Hartford Bank 

As the leader of an experienced team of burglars, you must avoid the various traps, find out the security codes of the "Hartford Bank" and steal the famous Youkounkoun Diamond.
Are you up to the task?

Max 5p / Not suitable for children < 12 years old

Sing Sing

Welcome to the dark world of a psychiatric prison. Although the place seems deserted, everyone agrees that voices and sounds reverberate deep into the valley from this abandoned cellar. Don't stay inside too long because you never know!

Max 5p / Not suitable for children < 12 years old

Vintage Room

Jean Poussin, the previous owner of the house, was a charming and cultivated man who was very successful with the female sex. He loved riddles and mysteries. He loved socialising but sometimes the man would spend hours, days, alone in his office. What was so important in that room?

Max 5p / Children allowed

Twin's Room

Ivan, a journalist, and Noé, a librarian, work together on an important fraud case involving a very rich man. After a series of threats, they have hidden the evidence in their room. Ivan and Noé need you to find out the truth.

Max 6p / Children allowed

Graffiti room

After many travels and adventures all over the world, Adrien comes home to his parents. At night, he locks himself up in his room and starts recalling lost thoughts and doubts through graffiti, art, codes and pictograms. But what exactly has he lost?

Max 5p / Children allowed

Save the world

Boris, a chemist specialising in viruses, arrives in Belgium after the fall of the Wall. He resumes his work and has ambitious plans. He wants to make a universal vaccine. He makes a mistake and infects the whole world and himself. Can you save the world and find the vaccine? We are counting on it.

Max 6p / Not suitable for children < 12 years


After an intensive evening course in Detective at a renowned school, today is the last exam. Now is the time to prove yourself. You will be helped by spies and detectives from all over the world to catch the leader of a dangerous gang of criminals. Find out his secret and prevent him from carrying out his next plan! 

Max 5p/ children allowed (adult assistance required)





Escape House is located Rue du Gibet 16 - 6940 Durbuy and we ask you to go directly there (15 min. in advance).

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms