Time: +/- 2h

Mono : 29€

Duo : 50€

8.00 km
12.00 km
23.00 km

Kayaking down the Ourthe, a magical moment on the water

From April to October, Adventure Valley Durbuy opens its kayak activity! Sail on the clear water of the Ourthe river, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Ardennes. Paddle through the breathtaking landscapes of the region, while enjoying a moment of relaxation and adventure with family and friends.


Rent your kayak at Adventure Valley and explore the unspoilt landscape of the Ardennes

With distances to suit all abilities, Adventure Valley offers 8km courses to suit beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Explore the river and the region's beautiful natural scenery at your own pace, while enjoying a relaxing moment in the great outdoors.


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Practical information


Sailing conditions


Minimum age 5 years. Not recommended for young children. Additional briefing compulsory before departure.



You can book a ticket online or on the spot. We do not take reservations by phone. The time of reservation is a guideline.

Your departure time may vary due to the crowds. It is usually quieter in the morning.


Our kayaks 

We rent double and single boats. 

A double boat offers place to 2p. and 1 child from 5 years and max 115 cm. A mono boat offers place to 1p. Pets (dogs) are not allowed.



  • 8 km - Durbuy > Barvaux 



Departure times

  • Weekdays & WE and school holidays : from 10am 

Departure arrangements

  • 4 km: (alternative only available if other rides are closed)
  • 8 km: there is a free shuttle bus between Adventure Valley and the departure and arrival point

Exceptional closure

The Ourthe is a river with a natural water flow. This flow can vary greatly (high or low), which is why the navigation can be forbidden or opened at the last minute. 

When the departure is closed this does not give the right to a refund. Reimbursement will be made by means of a voucher. This voucher includes the full value of the original amount paid and is valid for one year. The conversion of the original amount paid to another activity is of course also possible.

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Kayak closed ?

Sailing on the Ourthe can be forbidden for 2 reasons.

Too much water, kayaking is too dangerous or too little water. The flow rate of the river is controlled daily by the Walloon Region, they decide whether or not it is allowed. We try to inform you as soon as possible by mail and/or telephone to avoid unnecessary travel. You can see for yourself on the official website.

Official website of Wallonia

Frequently asked questions

  • Réponse

    When the water level is too high due to heavy rainfall or when there is not enough water due to a dry period.

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    The minimum age is 5 years. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Réponse

    If the departure is closed, there is no right to a refund. The refund will be made in the form of a voucher. This voucher includes the full value of the initial amount paid and is valid for one year. It is also possible to change the initial amount paid to another activity.

Security Info

  • Kayaking Guidelines:

    Safety first:

  • Wear a life jacket while kayaking.
  • Age and companionship:

  • The minimum age is 5 years old, children up to 12 years old are required to be accompanied by an adult.
  • No pets:

  • No dogs or other animals are allowed in the kayak.
  • Weight limits:

  • Max. 115 kg (single kayak), 230 kg (double kayak). 
  • Max. 130 kg for life jackets.
  • Equipment tips:

  • Use provided buckets. They're not fully waterproof; avoid taking valuables with you.
  • Boarding and disembarking rules:

  • Only in designated areas.
  • No-Nos:

  • It is forbidden to bring barbecues or alcoholic beverages aboard the kayaks.
  • It is forbidden to play loud music.
  • Time constraints:
  • No kayaking after 19:00.
  • Responsibility reminder:

  • You're responsible for the kayak and equipment.
  • Adventure Valley is not responsible for the loss of items.
  • Follow local rules.
  • Fines warning:

  • For violation of any of the above rules, the authorities may impose fines of up to 250€. Fines are not issued by Adventure Valley.