Park rules

1. Admission tickets and parking

The entrance to the park is free of charge. To participate in the activities inside the park you will need a wristband or a ticket.

2. Parking

De parking is betalend. Voetgangers hebben altijd voorrang. Sluit uw voertuig goed af en laat er geen waardevolle voorwerpen in liggen. De directie wijst elke verantwoordelijkheid af bij diefstal en/of beschadiging. Jetons voor de parking zijn beschikbaar aan het onthaal of in de horeca beneden.

3. Behavior and safety rules

The accessibility for our visitors to the activities depends on the safety rules of each activity.
Visitors can be refused to certain attractions for physical reasons.

You enter the park at your own risk. Any liability of AV (Adventure Valley) is excluded, with the exception of damage caused by Adventure Valley.

The possession of weapons, dangerous objects or narcotics is prohibited.

Excessive alcohol consumption and the use of narcotics are not allowed. This can lead to immediate removal from the park and will be passed on to the government authorities. Aggression and / or sexual abuse will lead to immediate removal from the park and will be passed on to the authorities.

Physical aggression and / or threats against the staff  and / or other visitors leads to immediate removal from the park and will be passed on to the government authorities.

Certain activities can be closed due to weather conditions. This also applies in case of technical intervention and / or maintenance reasons. The closure of attractions can in no case lead to partial or full reimbursement of the admission ticket.

4. Picnicking is only permitted next to the ponds. It is forbidden to make fire or organize a bbq in the park.

5. Smoking is not permitted during the activities, at the installations and when wearing safety gear..

6. Dogs are admitted but on a leash.

7. Every visitor is responsible for his/her possessions. AV and its employees are in no way liable for stolen, lost or damaged objects belonging to our visitors. Recovered objects are made available to our visitors for 1 month and can be picked up at the reception.

8. Our visitors are asked not to wear offensive clothing. Wearing a shirt or T-shirt, bermudas, shorts or skirt and shoes or sandals is mandatory.

9. There are enough rubbish bins in the park, please deposit the waste therein.

10. Drones are allowed in Adventure Valley under certain conditions. You can apply for a permit via

You must be in possession of the permit at the latest 24 hours in advance.

11. Instructions

You must always follow the instructions of our employees completely and directly and follow the instructions on the signs. The management of AV has the right at all times to change the opening hours of the park, its attractions and infrastructure or its safety rules.

Failure to comply with these regulations may result in sanctions.

Removal from the park does not in any case give the right to demand repayment of the admission ticket or any compensation, in any form whatsoever.

The management and staff of Adventure Valley thank you for your understanding and cooperation and wish you a very pleasant stay in Adventure Valley.