The green course (very easy): +/- 30 min.
The orange course (easy): +/- 1h
The red course (difficult): +/- 30 min.

Included with :

Adventure Valley Durbuy
60 min.
Max weight.
110 kg

A surprising trip in the subterranean world is waiting for you at the bottom of the rock. In a natural mineral atmosphere, try to overcome the different pitfalls and obstacles while cutting across the galleries and pipes. Sport and pleasure assured, without taking in account a large amount of information about the world of caves and chasms, thanks to five thematic rooms equipped with illustrated and multilingual panels.

Possibility of 3 different courses :

  • The green course (very easy) takes about 30 minutes.
  • The orange course (easy) takes about 1 hour.
  • The red course (difficult) takes about 30 minutes.



Speleo Experience

Speleo Experience