• 17€ - kayak duo
  • 19€ - kayak mono

Time: +/- 2h

Price from : 17€ /pers


  • 20€ - kayak duo
  • 22€ - kayak mono

Time: +/- 3h

Price from : 20€ /pers


  • 25€ - kayak duo
  • 27€ - kayak mono

Time: +/- 5h

Price from : 25€ /pers


  • 7,5€/pers - kayak double
  • 8,5€ - kayak mono

Durée: +/- 1h

Price from : 8€ /pers
Adventure Valley near the Ourthe
Start - Arrival
8 km
12 km
23 km

Caution, the level of the Ourthe is low! See link below for more information.

Kayak update


23 km Closed 23 km Departure at 10am (only by booking 1 day in advance)
12 km

Departure at 11am (only by booking 1 day in advance)

12 km Departure at 10am, 11am and 12am (only by booking 1 day in advance)
8 km Departure from 10am to 3pm 8 km Departure from 10am to 4pm
4 km* Departure from 10am to 3pm 4 km*

Departure from 10am to 4pm

* Alternative if the other distances are closed (when the level of the water is too low)


(*) Departures with the kayaks from the Belle-Ourthe; arrival at the tavern Le Juliénas; buses provide the return transit.

Avoid waiting times? 

On nice and warm days we advise you to leave in the morning, from 12h or after 15h.

When you make a reservation for  8 km we ask a departure time this is only informative there is no guarantee on a departure at the specified time. I.e. an online reservation does not give priority in the queue it is a guarantee of departure.

Enjoy and extend your stay in Durbuy! When booking a kayak, enjoy discounts to the Adventure Valley entrance and its various activities, by booking the same day as your kayak reservation.


For the departures of the 12km and 23 km courses, we ask you to please be on time to the bus’ departure. If you arrive late, we can not guarantee an early departure.

Security Info

  • Please board and disembark only at the designated areas. Picnicking or stopping along the riverbanks is prohibited. Local authorities may impose fines for non-compliance with these rules.
  • You are responsible for any damage to your kayak or equipment.
  • Adventure Valley accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss of personal belongings.
  • The minimum age for kayaking is 5 years old. From 5 to 11 years old included, children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please respect nature and the people living near the shoreline. Don't leave any waste behind!
  • Wearing a lifejacket is compulsory.
  • Our life jackets are suitable for people weighing less than 100 kg.
  • Access to terraces and restaurants is not allowed in a bathing suit.
  • Max. 115 kg per single kayak.
  • Max. 230 kg per double kayak.




Durbuy Kayak is open from April 1st to the end of October. During this period, the Ourthe river may be closed, due to its level being too low or too high.

This decision is made by the Walloon Region. You can consult the following site to know if the Ourthe is open or not. Changes are still possible on the day of your reservation, but we try to inform people of sudden changes as far in advance as possible.


We are located on a part of the Ourthe between the bridge of Maboge - the mobile barrier of Barvaux-sur-Ourthe. When this section is yellow or green, it is possible to practice kayaking.





Departures and sales offices

We have 3 places where you can buy your tickets:

  • Adventure Valley bureau Rome: Rue de Rome 1, 6940 Durbuy
  • Adventure Valley bureau Belle Ourthe: Parking Pré Géoris, Rue du Comte th d'Ursel, 6940 Durbuy
  • Adventure Valley bureau Durbuy: Place aux Foires, 6940 Durbuy

The starting point for kayaking is at the Pré-GEORIS car park, just before Durbuy. From here, we begin our bus travel and take you to the start of your choice of distance (8 - 12 - 21 km). The arrival of the courses of 12 and 21 km is in the parking lot. At the arrival of the 8km course, the buses will ensure the transit to the parking lot where your car is parked.