Looking for challenges, adrenaline and a wide range of outdoor activities?
The red bracelet will give you access to all the activities of Adventure Valley Park.

The red bracelet allows you to participate in a wide range of activities. Plan your day accordingly....
So don't come too late and take into account the extra trip (with the shuttle) to the challenge park, the mast jump and the zipline duo which are grouped on another site. 

  • During the winter months (3/11 to 6/03 inclusive), the red bracelet is not available. The activities are grouped into a single bracelet (winter bracelet) at a special price. More information.  

* The activities of the red bracelet are accessible from 1m40 and 40 kg - max 110 kg.
* The Challenge Park and the mast jump are closed during the week except during school holidays. The red bracelet remains available but you receive a 20% discount.