Adventure Valley is an adventure park: each of the activities carries a certain risk.

  • Each participant is aware of the risk associated with the activity and accepts it.
  • Each participant must be in good physical condition, not suffering from osteoporosis or heart problems, have not used any means that could influence his/her behaviour (alcohol, drugs, medicines,...) and be in good mental condition.

  • The main booker is responsible, by means of the reservation/registration, for the entire group during the entire duration of the activity. He/she acknowledges having taken note of the rules and to discuss them with each participant of the group.

  • All participants under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Under no circumstances can damage or other costs be claimed during or after the activities, unless Adventure Valley is in default.



It is possible to take out individual accident insurance. The current premium is € 5/day/person. If you wish, we ask you to fill in a list with the surname, first name, full address and date of birth of each participant to insure them. This list must be in our possession at least 5 days before the activities.