Included with :

15 min.
Min Weight
40 kg
Max weight.
100 kg

A double zipline for 2 times more sensation!

Start in duo from an impressive platform. Descend, enjoy the view and share this sensation with your friends, family or colleagues.

This unique experience makes you fly through the air like a lightning bolt over a long distance. You can reach the starting point on foot via a path through the forest. The Duo-Zipline is very accessible to a wide audience.

The duo zipline is subject to bad weather ie that it is closed in rain and strong winds. This closure can in no case lead to a partial or full refund of the entrance fee.

* The duo zipline is located in the challenge park; accessible by shuttle bus or own car.
* Open from 2 pm to 6 pm.
* Closed on weekdays outside holidays.



Duo Ziplines

Duo Ziplines