Different levels, different ziplines

Included with :

Adventure Valley near the Ourthe
120 min.
1.20 m
Max weight.
110 kg

The Challenge Park is an adventure at a high altitude that consists of 

6 tracks at three different heights (3m, 6m and 10m) with more than 100 obstacles, different ziplines, and climbing wall with three routes.

Determine from the tower which route you are testing out, and zip back to the tower to try a new route. The ziplines are in the course and can not be reserved separately.

Before the start of this activity, the participants will receive a professional explanation about the use of the exploglider in the different courses, and the compulsory wearing of helmets and seatbelts. Thanks to the exploglider, you will stay attached to the safety cable from start to finish. Our guides are always on site to provide help and support when necessary.



Challenge Park

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