1. A break close to home

No need to go to the end of the world. Adventure and nature are waiting for you just a stone's throw (or almost) from your home. Durbuy is about 1h30 from Brussels, Charleroi or Louvain and less than 3 hours by road from Ghent or Antwerp.

So, are we almost there? Yes, and once there, Ardennes' amazing and majestic nature welcomes you and offers you a total change of scenery... without taking a plane. And here's your light carbon footprint: long live the slow travelling !

 2. Activities for all ages

On several hectares, we offer a wide range of activities for all tastes and ages. One constant: enjoy the exceptional natural environment.

You come with little ones ?

Start the day with the Kids Adventure, a sporty adventure walk for kids who like to get higher. Then take a break at the playground (accès gratuit !) and sit in the Bar’Bru to drink a cocktail and/or eat something nice. Spend the afternoon gently with a tiny train ride, which offers you a great panorama on the valley during a stopover on the tops of Durbuy.

Are your children 1m10 or more?

From there, the sensations rise and your children can safely embark on the experiment. :

  • in the 3D labyrinth : a high-rise course with challenges and obstacles, on several floors. The little extra? An almost secret passage through a rocky crevasse at an... impressive height.
  • at Bike Park : a 2 km course with obstacles to try the joys of Mountain biking.
  • on treetop : obstacle courses in the trees to progress upwards in the heart of the forest. Yes, for once, your children will have to play monkey if they want to get to the end!
  • Initiation to speleo : descent underground to discover the Ardennes entrails in complete safety. As a bonus, the information scattered in the caves allows you to learn more about this hidden world.

You come with teenagers who are jaded with everything?

Make them exceed their limits and discover the strong sensations during a descent in rappel, at the end of the via ferrata. Start in a climbing race on a 25 m high rock. Or, let them test their release during a freefall of 32 m (100% secure, like everything else). As for you, know that sharing challenges builds bonds... but encouraging your offspring too, if you feel better on earth ?

Grandparents, do you want to share an adventure with your grandchildren?

The adventure walk in the forest brings generations together: teenagers manage the walk (marked by QR codes), the little ones crawl at their own pace and the elders share their knowledge of the surrounding nature and discover the magnificent Ourthe valley with originality. And as we are Adventure Valley, we've truffled the trail with a few monkey bridges!

And these are just a few examples. You can also slide down a giant slide on a big buoy, descend a zip line side by side, jump on a gigantic air cushion (Big Air)....

3. Adventure all year round

And if you make weather whims your allies? In the summer heat, think about going down the Ourthe in a kayak or trying caving, in the cool underground. And when the weather is gloomy or in case of a national draught, you will find here 6 different escape rooms to explore or lasergame on the theme of Star Wars.

4. Freedom, even to eat

Our picnic areas allow you to eat as you please. As for our restaurants in the heart of the park, they save you from having to prepare and transport sandwiches for the entire tribe.

5. To sleep in an unusual setting

On the Adventure Valley Park site itself, the glamping extends the adventure and invites you to stay under tent with glamour and comfort. As a bonus, some tents have a splendid panorama over the valley. Grandparents, if you want to offer an unforgettable stay to your grandchildren, we make it easy for you!

With little ones, you may appreciate the ease of a chalet or villa, very practical with its kitchen and separate rooms that give you the necessary privacy. The little something extra? These accommodations are located in the heart of the old town of Durbuy, to allow you to discover the world's smallest city at your own pace.

6. Forget the car for the weekend, even to visit Durbuy

Once parked, you enjoy the freedom to walk around /strong>. Activities, restaurants, glamping are all on the same site. And the city of Durbuy is within walking distance. No more time wasted disembarking and embarking everything to go from one point to another. And that, when you spend your life commuting all year round, that's the ultimate luxury!

7. Enjoying nature

All our activities focus on the natural resources of the Ardennes. Here you can enjoy the valley of the Ourthe, the forests, the paths, the plains, the vertiginous rocks, the caves... Adventure Valley owes everything to its environment and that is why we pay particular attention to integrate it and preserve its environment.

8. Have fun

By choosing to come to Adventure Valley, you choose a good dose of laughter, strong emotions and unforgettable experiences shared with your family. Many of our activities are unique in Belgium. And taking on challenges as a family is a great way to bond and that's precious!

As you can see, at Adventure Valley Park in Durbuy, all families will find something to satisfy their desires. Your adventure weekend consists of customized. It's up to you to make it easy, free and full of emotions!

* Activities are accessible on the basis of size and not age for technical and safety reasons.


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